Note:The APIs exposed are PSD2 APIs, to access Premium APIs please contact PelicanPay.

PelicanPay Simplified (1.0)(5 APIs included)

(Recommended) PelicanPay PSD2 APIs for Payment Initiation and Account Information with PSD2 interoperability.

PelicanPay Merchant Payment (1.0)(2 APIs included)

PelicanPay Merchant Payment APIs, a service to initiate a payment order at the request of the payment service user with respect to a payment account held at another payment service provider

Account Information Services (1.0)(2 APIs included)

PelicanPay PSD2 APIs for various account information services like account access verification, account holder verification. About Plan, the number of API calls allowed is considering API calls across all the APIs present in plan.

Wallet funding (1.0)(2 APIs included)

PelicanPay Wallet Funding APIs, a service to fund the payment service user’s account from the payment account held at another payment service provider.

Account Aggregation (1.0.0)(1 API included)

Account Aggregation API facilitates Customers to aggregate account data like account summary, balance & transaction of specific currency, for desired timeframe across multiple accounts using Open Banking PSD2 Rail

Income Expense Analysis (1.0.0)(2 APIs included)

Income Expense Analysis facilitates Customers to aggregate & analyze account data across multiple accounts, for desired timeframe using Open Banking PSD2 Rail.

Payment Request (1.0.0)(2 APIs included)

PelicanPay Payment Request APIs, a service facilitates payment service users to send payment link through SMS/Email to Payer.

Onboarding (1.0.0)(1 API included)

PelicanPay Individual Onboarding APIs, facilitate onboarding of Individuals, in order to avail the Open Banking Solutions service.